Bringing Together Communication, Neuroscience & Marketing Leaders, HCM  & Financial Experts One Time Online



During This Training You’ll Discover How to…


Find out how to 1) package your knowledge and make money without the pain of selling; 2) build your sales funnel to generate leads while you sleep; 3) sell and cover your marketing costs – even before you have your product available; 4) stay away from the one habit that loses small businesses 70% of their sales and 5) avoid 3 deadly mistakes most small businesses make when trying to attract clients.


Build rapport with your potential clients, so they buy from you, without you having to sell to them. There is a way to get people to chase you. During this training, you’ll identify the four main challenges entrepreneurs face when it comes to getting customers and you’ll learn the solutions to these challenges. Communication is so much easier when you build rapport with your customer. Join us and discover the four systems to ramp up your communication skills.


Discover those tangible, specific advantages that usually remain unexploited and maximize them to improve your life. Identify other great industries for your business, or expand within your sector. Set the correct foundation for your business to ensure a smooth expansion. Find the pieces of the puzzle and be the first to benefit from the known and (as yet) unknown trends. Realize what really makes you different and use it to your advantage.


The Jet Set Speaker System shows you how build the ultimate public speaking business by following some simple but effective strategies: IMPACT – Discover how to generate a powerful presence while remaining totally comfortable, confident and congruent on stage, so you perform at your peak every time you speak. INFORM – Become an instant authority with your own custom-designed unique branded solution. Enjoy the freedom of personal expression coupled with precision to stay on task, on topic and on time. INSPIRE – Learn how to take your audience on an epic adventure without leaving the room as you cleverly weave subtle messages into anecdotal stories that speak a deeper truth and lift their spirit.

Join This Event So You…

  • Set up and effectively use a tested system to attract ideal clients
  • Sell your product or service for the right price
  • Identify your hiden potential and let it work for you
  • Become visible to your right audience
  • Improve your own morale and that of your team, so they sell and deliver more
  • No longer care how much things cost
  • Discover how to play to your unique advantages
  • Make a bigger impact in your industry
  • Ultimately gain the freedom to do what you want, when you want
  • Understand your customer´s buying strategy and utilize it to your advantage
So That You No Longer Have To…
  • Attend boring networking event
  • Waste your marketing money
  • Do painful cold calling
  • Wonder what to do to get more clients
  • Remain in the dark with your own company
  • Chase new business
  • Be frustrated by the time and energy you put in your business
  • Struggle to pay your bills
  • Make bad investment decisions
  • Compete on price and undersell your services just to get business
Instead you will only do what you are passionate about: Develop products and serve your ideal clients, who are ready to pay the correct price for your solutions
This Full Day Training Is For You If
  • You have a small business OR…
  • You’re in the process of establishing your business OR…
  • You’re a freelancer / solo-entrepreneur who simply wants to earn more
  • You don’t just want to survive… you want to thrive in this competitive economy
This event is organised and presented  in English and Romanian.
Not Everyone Should Attend This Event
  • This is NOT for opportunists looking for ways to get rich quickly or not committed to putting in the required time and effort.
  • This is NOT a motivational event. This is for serious action-takers only. Do NOT register if you’re just looking to get more motivated in your life.
Join Us to Discover How to Set Up and Use Tested Systems to:
  • Create the maximum possible interest for your products and services
  • Sell successfully at prices that reflect the real value of your products and services
  • Make immediate profits from your knowledge – even if your core product is not ready yet
  • Do what works in today’s internet era
  • Model the strategy the elite group of online entrepreneurs use to earn millions
  • Be one step ahead of your competitors who still use traditional marketing and sales tactics

Don’t leave your success to chance – take a structured approach to business!