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This sample report is a guide that is designed to assist you to improve your sociability.

HEEPP recommends using this report in conjunction with a further assessment of competencies, trainability and cultural fit of the person.




The  human mind runs based on a personal operating system  that it is constantly and continuously running a complex set of programs which are managing all aspects of the organism’s existence. There are programs which keep your heart running, control your oxygen intake and consumption, monitor your energy reserves and generate requests for nourishment that you experience as “hunger”, control the complex dance of coordinating muscular and skeletal movements as you walk. Then there are the most complicated programs which must be learned: language, symbol manipulation, social interactions, science, business, art, etc.

At some point, the human system must learn how to learn. This is metaprogramming: the program which enables the organism to orchestrate the vast numbers of subordinate programs, develop new programs, and coordinate the interactions between them.

HEEPP Assessment measures over 48 metaprogrammes  like Action Levels, Priorities and  Focus, Point of View, Procedures and Options, Social Environment Type, Distribution of Responsibility, Time Cycle, Task Approach, Time Orientation, etc. .

Here is a sample of  8-12 metaprograms connected to your sociability.


Priorities, Focus and Directions of Actions

How well can you maintain focus on goals? Are you able to recognize the problems which would interfere with obtaining these goals? How do you function in a “problem-oriented” work environment?

TOWARDS GOAL: You drive your success towards personal freedom, abundance, achievement, respect, popularity and/or accomplishment. You are a winner and you like it. You have the right stuff to outperform the competition. Your results are within the graphs of performance. Congratulations!

AWAY FROM PROBLEM: On the path to enjoyment of material rewards some people are not calculating their risks and might design faulty systems missing key components. You take the opposite direction. You are aware of some of the risks which are being involved in using resources for avoiding to fail and you are able and willing to employ them without imbalance or ignorance when it’s appropriate. Congratulations!

Decision-Making  and Evaluation Reference

What are the sources of  your motivation? Do you decide for yourself or do you need others to give advice or even make the decision?

INTERNAL REFERENCE: You consider you have all the right answers when taking decisions about how to implement. Are you reaching this conclusion, from all your inner positions? You know to assume the responsibilities for your actions and pay the price, but is it really all that necessary? Wouldn’t you be able to recognize a better course of following your intuition, providing you choose it for your reasons? What if some of the information you have taken for granted is actually incomplete or faulty? How would you know the things aren’t the way you consider them?

EXTERNAL REFERENCE: The truth is out there and it will make you earn positive outcomes. to find it, you do crave for the right awareness of facts, figures and feed-back to improve, grow and sustain with independence the autonomy you are building. You have the rightful, performant approach to getting the correct answers within your work context.

Point of View

When working with information, what is the size of the pieces of information you naturally thinks about? Do you tend to work with large, medium-sized or small pieces of data?

BIG INFO CHUNKS: Deepening your look towards the horizon means reaching for the big picture that gives you the right vision. Your independence lies within in your vision. You have the stance to search, look and seek for the performance you see to bring in your life sooner rather than later. You can truly see the forest and you also know how to use that beyond what already exists and create an even wider frame.

SMALL INFO CHUNKS: You are getting more and more aware of what details matter. You know what to change, replace, optimize and discard the rest. That is why your experience, deep focus and zoom in is valuable. Congratulations!

Verbal and Body Language

How is your communication organized? To what extend is the content of the message dominating your communication? How much attention do you give to the non-verbal part of the communication? Do you use non-verbal signals as a part of the communication?

NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION: While you are manifesting your ability to express your values and can be a leader and an influencer, some people might get scared of your acting, intensity and state shifts. If you care about how you are relating, connecting and networking with other professionals, you should be seriously considering alternative ways of expressing yourself and devising proper manifestations for your outstanding skills. Put in the right context, it can support you expressing yourself better.

VERBAL COMMUNICATION: You are keeping an experience and/or preference in hiding your emotions from other people’s perception. This is something you acquired as a habit in your life experience and while it may have its upsides, it might be significantly impacting you and stop you from bringing to life the values and the autonomy that you deserve to express. Your identity is worth to be found and interacted with by those you seek to network with. Stop limiting your self-expression, you deserve more autonomy in the world and the expression you choose!

Relationship Sorting

How can differentiate stuff? Are you perceiving the commonalities or the differences? How do you operate with evolution? What are the relations between ideas, actions or people?

SAMENESS FILTER: You might be wondering why so many companies are not the same anymore as they were a while ago, in their good days. Everywhere you see, there is the same pattern. Your traditionalist approach is something which might actually hurt the appropriate development in a fast paced world.

EVOLUTION FILTER: Before experiencing to the fullest the enjoyment and the thrill of breaking free while playing the game of success, make sure that you have some consultant(s) who you listen to about how to keep your business working by developing it.

DIFFERENCE FILTER:To make your products and services sell-able, you need someone who knows how to present them best. That person should manage the marketing and get this task off your mind. Outsource this for the health of your business even if you might find compelling to understand what such a valuable consultant does. You might think you understand it, but stop trying. Delegate this if you want your work to live.

Basic Motivations

What are your basic motivation factors? Is it Power, Popularity, or Performance? Which one drives your actions and behaviors?

AGENCY DRIVE: One of the consequences of being addicted to power is not that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but that any path(s) that you work with might turn against you. If you think well enough, it is important to know when to stop with your influence skills if you want to continue employing them. Remember why you started this and compare your current issues with what you set yourself out to do. Sometimes greatness lies within restraining yourself from manifesting your skills.

COMMUNION DRIVE: Realizing what is important for you is something you appropriately perform within the right professional networking context. Identifying the right groups to belong to to reach the happenings which are important for your independence is something you execute naturally. Keep networking to more important stakeholders!

ACHIEVEMENT DRIVE: In order to getting where you set yourself out to, it is important to be training your determination and motivation by keeping a clear perception of where to arrive and then backtrack: where are you one day before reaching your goal? What are you doing one week before? One month? What are the best paths that connect the goal you have to where you are now and which is not the shortest, but the smartest way to get there?

Convincing Patterns & Input Representation

How are you convinced about something or someone new? How do you gather the data to be convinced?

VISUAL DOMINANT FILTER: Ask of others to stop communicating with you by the aid of images. This is not a wise mean to get through to you. Visuals are a waste of time in what concerns your appproach to take a decision.

AUDITORY DOMINANT FILTER: You may be hearing yourself screaming on the inside if everything you are getting from others is equal to silence. The vibration of the right voice and the appropriate words you are hearing make a more convincing case when you allow yourself to just listen. Still, you should be taking into consideration that surrounding yourself with voices is something that can drive your life towards goals which are not appropriate for you. When you are in a cave and you are listening yo the echoes, you might go mad. Learn to pick the right voices to listen before they start talking inside your head!

WRITTEN WORDS DOMINANT FILTER: Some of the information you need to bring productive business decisions to the table in your professional life is in writing. Whether you like it or not, you will have to learn to take better decisions by using the documentation that has been created by others. Life is too short to learn only from your mistakes. Learn from others’ too. Many of them are put in writing. Thus you will be able to accumulate many years of life experience and learning in a significantly shorter period of time.

KINETIC DOMINANT FILTER: It is important to let other people know that they can’t convince you using their reactions, feelings and emotions. Whatever someone may make you feel or no matter how much time you spend with that person, you will be discarding it to you make up your mind.

Interest Filters

What do you want or need to feel successful? What are you interested in? What are you looking for in your environment?

INTERESTED IN PEOPLE: Stepping onto this level of independence and autonomy is supporting you to encounter and work with some of the most interesting people you have yet to meet up until now. Your passion and enthusiasm is bringing around you the right people that are resonating with your values, emotions. It is important to network within the appropriate groups to enhance your career.

INTERESTED IN TOOLS: You know how important is to be employing the right tools to actually be delivering the functioning arrangements to your stakeholders. Finding the right machinery is important for you and so it should. The devices you choose are tested before implementation and you know the drill in finding the right equipment. Congratulations and keep on tackling your way to implementation!

INTERESTED IN THE SYSTEM: To know which are the key components that your users, clients or customers value, do some strategic research and heavy testing. What you are creating must be tested to work for your audiences. You should be keeping in mind that the revolution of the services within the age of informational industry and evergreen technology is apart substantially from the industrial age by the shaken dynamics that create change within functions, roles, jobs and positions. When you were part of certain systems, maybe you have been perceiving their limits and you decided to break free and get what you deserve for the quality of your work sooner rather than later. This courage in cultivating and bringing strategy to the design of the systems engineering involves the calculated risk of investing resources now and bringing results later, but sooner than in the case of working for someone else.

INTERESTED IN INFORMATION: For you, entrepreneurship as a boat leading to autonomy and independence must be a team or delegation game and it is important to find a team member who is exercising his ability to take intelligent decisions based on what happens in the outside world. Find such a person who would like to work with you.

INTERESTED IN MONEY: Some of the resources which are important to finance your goals and achievements are money. You might be training your awareness of this, but you are really in need to become even more aware.

INTERESTED IN PLACE: Where you, your clients or what you deliver is can be anyplace. Or at least this is what you think. If so, then you should team up with a person who has more awareness of the importance of location and the impact of the environment for the stakeholders.

INTERESTED IN TIME: It is important to expand a certain skill in framing things in the right amount of time and it is important for you to make this work for you, in your advantage. This means that it is important for you to be increasing the preoccupation you have the right timing and duration for each task of your projects.

INTERESTED IN ACTIVITY: Sometimes you might not be understanding why are so many people getting agitated inside an organization to do all this small legwork that apparently needs to be done but you don’t apparently feel any arise. You should get awareness that any commercial result is coming precisely because someone established for each person what, when and how to do to make things happen. If you want to work on your own, you must be learning to devise a similar experience for yourself.



The human system needs to articulate and document the fundamental principles and values upon which he/she learns, acts and communicates  ensuring that his/her vision influences every aspect of the social life. He/she needs a clear view of the future, helping to align policies, procedures, and behaviors with his/her core beliefs and values.  

Everyone needs to understand the difference and identify the points of misalignment between his/her culture  and others, to gain consensus while building relationship. To Co-evolve. Organic and effective.

HEEPP Assessment measures over 8 cultural and social Values Levels  like  Authoritarian, Hierarchical Bureaucratic, Personal Branding & Success, Communitarian, Systemic World,  Holistic, etc .

Here is a sample of  two Cultural & Social Value Levels connected to your sociability.



This level is about expressing oneself. It is typified by the warrior who values power and glory and is on a quest of heroic status.

You may be suffering from an over evaluated self or autocratic style. You keep on preferring to own everything. You may be going for the symbols of wealth instead of actual wealth: “fake it till you make it” might keep seeming reasonable for you. You may be increasing your availability to use punishment, force and bribery to get what you want. You prefer avoiding shame, you are feeling no guilt, are take un-calculated risks to fight and come to the helm of everything at any cost. You are preferring not to get constrained by consequences. You may be considering some or more people as tools, steps or pawns which can be sacrificed. You may practicing a guiltless service of raw self-interest, subjugate others, make them sacrifice what is important for them and give nothing or very little in return (from their point of view). You may leave a trail of bodies behind you on the path to greatness.


This is about discipline and law, searching for a world order: there is only one truth and peace can only seem to be obtained by making sure everyone adheres to that truth in a strict hierarchy where one is obedient to those higher up.

You may be leading people to obey hierarchic authority, feeling guilty when not conforming to group norms and trying to serve the greater good through self-sacrifice. You may be working very well in industrial economies. The discipline that you are applying is strict but usually fair and often public. You are paying attention to the norm, form, shape, aspect, laws, rules, regulations, principles, guidelines, standards, procedures, processes, specifications, manuals, instructions to bring order for an external purpose. You are guaranteeing loyalty with responsibility, you are rewarding dependingness with honor and fairness. You keep on bringing up sacrifice as a value to the collective in order to ensure the proliferation of functionality, order, stability and smoothness of all working systems. If you are a guardian of the laws and provider of social insurance and justice, then you are owning the power to bring balance and rightfulness to unbalanced systems. You are maybe accepting the norms of designed social expectations and living up to the duty of the role.

Branding & Success

This is about the Scientific & Materialistic values system focusing on the material fulfillment and very much about competition. This often translates into business spirit and scientific challenges where it’s money that rules the world.

You keep on cherishing personal freedom, abundance, achievement, and enjoyment of material rewards. pursuit of popularity, prestige and accomplishment. Your preference for the creation of wealth through innovation, science and technology keeps you striving for autonomy and independence, while you are seeking out abundance and the best solutions to enhance living and develop progress in order to play to win and enjoy the competition. You are driven to identify and enjoy the opportunities to take control in order to skyrocket towards autonomy and achievements. You are getting more and more preoccupied with systems scaling for replicating, enhancing and multiplying the performance. You are showing proper respect for the situational rules of the game: it’s important to know the rules in order to know how to break them without negative consequences. You also like to show respect for the self-made men: the trail blazers. You like to take calculated risk initiatives driven by the probabilistic nature of the tools used. You are preferring the designs and you may be implementing social engineering experiments and changes in order to bring health or restore broken systems.


This is about a pluralistic, egalitarian world view where people are socio-centric, in peace with their own inner self and coping with others sometimes without ever reaching a decision but just feeling good together.

It seems so weird for you why some people would be spending such an inordinate amount of time to talk and talk and talk and then some without ever reaching a decision but just feeling good together.

Systemic World

This is about perceiving the world as a system. One searches for integrated living, trying to find a balance between one’s own needs and the needs of others. The person thinks in terms of competence, freedom and autonomy. But also algorithms and concepts  nobody else would understand.

You may be finding so weird that some people are living in their little conceptual worlds by playing with graphics using strange terms nobody else would be understands. They seem to be doing something important, but you aren’t seeing any concrete results out of their work. Some may be afraid of them because they seem to be having so much power of decision and can’t be reached at all.